Child Psychology Services

Psychological support is an important part of the overall care for children. We provide the highest quality, comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation, treatment, and counselling services.

Marriage Counseling

We are dedicated to empowering families, couples, and individuals to strengthen their relationships, resolve troubling issues, & achieve personal well-being. We provide marriage counseling in Delhi & NCR.

Career Counseling

Unsure of what is the best career for you, or unable to choose the best course that suits you. We give career advice and guidance counselling to young people in their education and career choices.

Anxiety & Fears

Often we suffer with situations like feeling anxious, fearful to deal with situations, that is because of our inside cognitive distortions, through CBT we help you to overcome your fears and phobias.

Depression & Bi-Polar

Sometimes we go through emotions, feel low without a reason, we try to come out of it but feel helpless, its not possible to just snap out of it, we need a trained counsellor to be with us and help to come out.

Drugs & Addictions

Often children or teenagers fall prey to drugs and addiction. Its like searching for happiness at the wrong place and get caught into deep trouble. Out therapist along with your family could help you out of this mess.

Feedback from our patients

Paarul Chand
I have been undergoing therapy with Mantra- The Psychology Clinic for the last three years now and I can say with complete confidence that it has changed my life. The therapist, Dr. John Victor, has helped me immensly to get back to life as I battled Menniere's Disease. With his help not only was I able to mentally reach a less anxious place but have also been able to undertake physical tasks that were impossible earlier. These includes lifts and flights. Dr. Victor has extended support far beyond the call of duty to ensure my mental well-being. For the quality of counseling, the ethical and sensitive approach and the modern way in which therapy is conducted would highly recommend Mantra and their range of therapists.
Ranjan Sinha
I am so happy for my life now. When I need help Dr John was all out there with me supporting to deal with my problems. Even after treatment, he keeps a track in mind all his treated patients. He has very good knowledge of psychology and human struggle, he understood many things without me telling him. He is very ethical and always strive for outcomes. Rather than making me dependant on doctors, he made me self reliant in dealing with my problems myself. He saved my life at the time when I did not have money for the treatment. He helped me to get complementary card and got treatment in VIMHANS.
Place with the set of experienced psychologists. One feels very comfortable and gets the feeling of being understood and supported.
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