antisocial personality disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder – Sociopath.

There are two theories about how an individual becomes a Sociopath. While many people are considered to be born with a genetic element which gives them these anti-social tendencies, others get this anti-social character disorder due to the surroundings they’ve lived in or the injuries they’ve endured in their early childhood.

While for many patients struggling with this antisocial personality disorder, one of the common reasons is parents who’re sociopaths themselves and created an extremely anti-social atmosphere in the home. These kids in many cases are subjected to hostility, uncertainty and from their parents they get the same behavioral characteristics that terms them also as sociopaths. An abusive childhood may push a young kid becoming a sociopath. This is particularly true for kids of alcohol or drug users who do not feel safe in their family life and never get to live a sheltered life like a regular child. These kids show hostility from an extremely early age. The rejection problems they harbour indoors or the proven fact that they believe these anti-social inclinations are regular only works to add fuel to this fire. These kids are frequently cruel to animals and predisposed towards setting fires. They also bully smaller kids and are violent of course. In truth, they’re very insecure and frightened inside, only these acts of violence makes them look like they’re in control of the scenario. Whether these kids have turned in to sociopaths due to parents who’ve neglected them or parents who’re anti-social themselves, they suffer from an underdeveloped egotism that is the result of an imperfect connection with a parent. When a young kid can’t find comfort and protection in their parent, they turn to violence and try and discover a way to look after themselves.

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