ManTra Psychological Services is a unique collaboration of independent and highly skilled therapists, counsellors and psychologists in delhi who share a common goal; to deliver effective, customized compassionate counselling services. We provide high quality, effective counselling, family and couple therapy & assessment services. Our staff is experienced in working with children, adolescents & adults, who present a range of problems including, depression, anxiety, anger, OCD, Bipolar, interpersonal/ marital issues, bereavement, parent-child conflicts, behaviour disorders, substance abuse, trauma and other psychological issues.     

We provide services including psychiatric & psychological evaluations, IQ, LD, ADHD, Autism & achievement, developmental evaluations, career assessment & guidance along with individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couple & marital counselling.

“Happiness matters. People matter. YOU matter.

I can’t fight my battle alone, and you don’t have to either.

Reach out!.”

— Mantra: The Psychology Clinic

Why Choose Therapists from ManTra?

Best Psychologist in Delhi NCR
Our staff had 30 years of cumulative experience in dealing with psychological problems ranging from children to adults. Our psychologists were trained and worked at reputed institutes like NIMHANS, SRMC, CIP, IIT, VIMHANS, Amity & Pusphanjali Crosslay Hospitals.

We are available for our clients from Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, Sonepat, Ghaziabad & Faridabad.

  • We are Professionally Trained Clinical Psychologists
  • Specialised in Marriage and Couple Therapy 
  • We operate on evidence and outcome based therapies
  • We have best Psychotherapists in Delhi
  • We have best Family & Marital Therapists with us
  • We do comprehensive evaluations including Career Aptitude Testing & Guidance
  • Trained from reputed institutes like NIMHANS, SRMC&RI, CIP & IIT
  • Worked with MSF, MSD, SANOFI, Pfizer, SIEMENS, Powergrid, NHPC, CARE, Indian Oil, BBMB, REC, DPS, Amity, SPARSH, HCL, IIT & MDI 
  • Trained 1600 Professionals across India & conducted around 600 Workshops all-over India.
  • We have the best Therapy Rooms Quiet & pleasant for your comfort

Meet Our Therapists

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