STEPS to a Longer & Healthier LIFE for people with mental health problems

Because People with severe mental illness die 10-25 years earlier than the general Population-WHO

TAKE PART in Health-Care Decisions

  • Find Qualification & License
  • Make Symptom List & Ask your own questions
  • Be Open & ask doctor to explain illness
  • Take notes during your visit
  • Is the doctor give enough time listening?
  • Involve in your health care decisions

REFRAIN from Addictions

  • Refrain from TOBACCO
  • Refrain from ALCOHOL
  • Refrain from SUBSTANCES
  • Refrain from EXCESSIVE SLEEP
  • Refrain from EXCESSIVE EATING

TAKE Regular Exercise

  • Start Small & Be Regular
  • Continue regular Brisk Walking
  • Sign-up for Yoga Classes
  • Practice Meditation
  • Join Swimming / Jumba Classes
  • Learn Relaxation Techniques

EAT a Healthy Diet

  • Regular Balanced Meals
  • Eat slowly, BUT Never in front of TV
  • Include Fruits, Dark Green Vegetables
  • Can take Fish, Eggs, Lean Organic Poultry
  • Avoid Sugar, Deep Fried & Processed Foods
  • Avoid Beverages, Tea & Caffeinated Drinks

GO for Regular Health Checks

  • Be Regular with your MEDICATION
  • REPORT Side effects Immediately
  • Keep a track on your Vitals/ Maintain a Diary
  • Ask your Doctor for LFT, KFT & Thyroid etc
  • Never Ignore, Giddiness, Hypertension / Diabetes
  • Be sincere with Yearly Health Check up

BE In touch with your THERAPIST

  • Build a Positive Therapeutic Relationship
  • Ask questions till you get the Answers
  • Medication + Psychotherapy works wonders
  • Follow only what therapy requires you to
  • Don’t become overdependent, Learn Self Reliance
  • Change Therapist, if they don’t understand you

Partner with MANTRA for Better Mental Health

Timely Professional Support

At ManTra we follow a flexible time schedule which suits our clients, fix appointment at your convenience.

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Evidence Based Therapies

We follow and encourage our clients to adopt evidence based therapies, as they are more result oriented.

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Alliance Based Approach

We strongly believe that every person is unique, & we assist our clients in becoming better and self reliant.

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Outcome Focused

At ManTra we strongly motivated to find solutions along with our clients. Your outcome motivates us.

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