Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for OCD

Compulsive Disorder is a nervousness associated disorder which will have serious impacts on the every day operation of those with this disorder impacting them in life areas like self care, leisure and work. OCD is a pretty common disorder that results people from different cultural and social foundations. In addition, it affects individuals of all ages from children to adults. A lot of people, particularly in times of stress, can have experienced OCD kind symptoms like doubting you have switched off the oven and closed the door. For all those with OCD, constant uncertainties, urges or pictures are much more frequent, invasive and distressing and may actually lead to a reduced standard of living and disruption in work-related operation.

For some the discomfort of living with OCD may also lead to melancholy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is regarded as the treatment of choice for OCD, with scientific tests support its effectiveness. CBT is a short term and organized psychological treatment that talks about the connection between what we think, what we feel and the way we react. CBT is a blend of cognitive therapy, which analyzes cognitive processes like unwanted ideas, perspectives, and beliefs and behavioural treatment, which focuses on behavior in response to those ideas. An individual with OCD might experience an unpleasant invasive thought. Even though not always, the individual with OCD might feel compelled to participate in a less than reasonable, compulsive behavior or mental ritual in an attempt to reduce the nervousness associated with the idea.

Excessive checking of door locks, washing of hands to avoid pollution or mental ritual of some kind. These very acts, which the individual with OCD uses to deal with or reduce their OCD nervousness, in fact keep OCD going. That Can be a technique known in CBT as publicity and answer prevention. Time can be given to helping the individual set goals to start re participating in life activities, that are important to them, if OCD has led to interruption in life roles.

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